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Intelligent Energy Europe, IEE (EU Programme)

Passive House Centre in Alingsås, Sweden

The TRECO network - A project for European social housing associations to share best practice of sustainable construction and environmental technologies.

Moisture Research Centre (Fuktcentrum) in Lund, Sweden

Forum för Energieffektiva byggnader - A Swedish forum for energy efficient buildings (in Swedish)

Technical status of ventilation systems in residential buildings

This national project focuses on the objective description of the quality of ventilation systems installed in Austria. In order to guarantee the objective evaluation of ventilation systems a comprehensive catalogue for quality criteria was developed. Finally 55 quality criteria were established and their relevance and importance were explained. They can be used as a guideline for the dimensioning and/or implementation of future systems.


www.komfortlü (in German)

klima:aktiv house / klima:aktiv passive house

Within the klima:aktiv house program a criteria catalogue was developed in order to guarantee quality standards in new built residential buildings. The criteria refer to the planning and construction, the energy performance, the building materials and components and the indoor climate of the building. The certification of the building is performed after the planning phase as well as after the construction phase. Based on these criteria a new catalogue concerning retrofit standards will be established in the next years within another klima:aktiv program: (in German)

Total Quality Building Certification

The aim of the Total Quality System is to support real estate developers, housing companies, planners, tenants and owners to create a sustainable building quality by defining specific planning targets at the beginning of the planning phase (of new buildings or retrofitted buildings) and to perform a compliance check afterwards. (in German)

High-quality refurbishment

Designing quality standards for the ecological refurbishment of municipal buildings (based on E. Panzhauser’s proposals, 2001); applying them to characteristic types of buildings systematically selected in diverse municipalities; the achieved results shall serve as good practice examples for future refurbishment and as basis of discussion on subsidy. (Final report in German can be downloaded on the website.) (in German)

MARESI - Measures for Minimization of Rebound-Effects Concerning Residential Building Renovation

Based on micro-data analysis and case-studies, MARESI provides strategies for minimisation of rebound-effects in case of residential building renovation. (Final report in German can be downloaded on the website.) (in German)


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